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L188, km 85,5, 6700 Lorüns, A
Architect: Marte.Marte Architekten (2010) Building contractor: Land Vorarlberg, Abteilung Strassenbau

The bridge support structure, which is made of concrete, ensures the safe passage of pedestrians and cyclists; it also moves the supporting structure upwards, and the irregularly arranged diagonal tension and compression rods form an open bridge house.


Cemetery Lorüns

Lorüns 22, 6700 Lorüns, A
Architect: Lang Vonier Architekten (2006-2007) Building contractor: Gemeindeamt Lorüns

Exposed concrete was used for the sharp-edged structure of the mortuary chapel, accompanied by a simple interior made entirely of rough-sawn fir.The extension covers the urn wall and the necessary infrastructure of the cemetery.

© Hans Peter Lang

Community center Lorüns

Lorüns 1, 6700 Lorüns, A
Architect: AAZT (2010-2012) Building contractor: Gemeinde Lorüns Immobilienverwaltungs GmbH

The new community center and the new fire station create an attractive ensemble for the village at the road to the Montafon and corresponds harmoniously with the surroundings.

© Christian Grass

Schnaps-Distillery St. Anton im Montafon

11, 6771 St. Anton / Montafon, A
Architect: Lang Vonier Architekten (2007-2008) Building contractor: Ulrike und Andrea Stocker

The distillation of fruit brandies is an art form. A modern building component that is attached to the down-to-earth Montafonerhaus with a ribbon of glass provides the prerequisites.

© Patrick Säly

Mehrzweckhaus Bartholomäberg

Bartholomäberg, 6780 Bartholomäberg, A
Architect: Hans Hohenfellner (2008-2009) Building contractor: Gemeinde Bartholomäberg

The multipurpose building with a panoramic view is built on the site of the fire station. The old building forms the torso of the new building. The cube’s exterior wall of the rooms along the street is kept simple.

© Bruno Klomfar

Raiffeisenbank Montafon

Kirchplatz 3, 6780 Schruns, A
Architect: Lang Vonier Architekten (2003-2007) Building contractor: Raiffeisenbank im Montafon

The Raiffeisen Bank in the attractive town center of Schruns is neighboured by the church and the municipal office and directly connects to the second row. The building parts are united under one roof after the renovation and the new construction.

© Jens Ellensohn

Cemetery Schruns

Silvrettastraße 14, 6780 Schruns, A
Architect: Lang Vonier Architekten (2009) Building contractor: Marktgemeinde Schruns

The new buildings with their clear design and reduced materiality are a contrast to the existing buildings. A cross is incised into the front wall of the chapel made of exposed concrete. An urn wall was built parallel to the old cemetery wall. Other features of the cemetery are a well, the walk-through chapel and finally a communal grave.

© Hans Peter Lang


Bielerhöhe, 6794 Partenen, A
Architect: Gerhard Hörburger, Much Untertrifaller sen., Dietrich | Untertrifaller (1991-1992) Building contractor: Vorarlberger Illwerke AG Reachability: Silvretta Hochalpenstraße, toll road

The Berghaus and Hotel Stützpunkt Bielerhöhe are located within the wild mountain scenery above the lake. Its form clearly relates to the local topography and the dam. It is an individual statement about the building style in the Alps.

© Adolf Bereuter

Illwerke Zentrum Montafon

Anton Amannstraße 12, 6773 Vandans, A
Architect: Hermann Kaufmann (2010-2013) Building contractor: Vorarlberger Illwerke AG Reachability: It is located near the Golm cableway.

It is one of Europe’s largest office buildings designed as a wood-hybrid construction. It serves as an example for sustainability, resource awareness and innovation for which the scenery in Vadans provides a dazzling backdrop.

© Norman A. Müller